God's Plan Tote

God's Plan Tote


Inspired by Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ video and the initiative set forth by Dyme Lyfe we created this tote with charities in mind.  As of date, we have been able to donate to four different charities with its proceeds and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We are so excited to announce our next charity, the BeRemarkable Foundation.  BeRemarkable Foundation drives to create a more positive experience on social media for our youth.  Children spend more than 10 hours a day on social media and a majority of their content consumption isn’t aspirational, BeRemarkable aims to shift that experience by creating projects and partnering with influencers to create powerful and uplifting content to spread across social media.  Their first impact project focuses on children who battle mental illness diagnoses and is called #MIstory (Mental Illness Story).  Please help in our support of their mission by purchasing one of these totes, where a portion of the proceeds will go to their #MIstory fundraiser. 

This is a lightweight all purpose cotton tote. It is approximately 15x15". It is a black cotton fabric with white and red screen print lettering. 

To find out more about BeRemarkable and #MIstory visit www.beremarkable.org and https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/MIstory.

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